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Be sure to always apply grease to the grease points on your saw after every full day of use.

Our Dry Vacuum Hole Saw is great for use in environments like hospitals, where little or no dust is required.

If you are developing segment cracks, you are using a bond too hard for the material being cut.

When core drilling, if the core becomes stuck in the bit, remove the core bit from the motor and push a steel rod through to release the core.

Is the water you are using for keeping your bit cool freezing in the cold weather?

Saw slows down in the cut?

Blade wobbles?

Do you have a new walk behind blade and don't see the drive pin hole?

Proper core rig alignment is necessary for good bit life.  This means the rig must be properly anchored.

When wet core drilling, the right amount of water is very important.  Too much or too little water can affect drilling.

If a blade stops cutting and looks 'glazed' over, it may be too hard for the material being cut.

When trying to determine what bond to use follow these guidelines:

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